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Today’s business enterprise industry relies on real time data to integrate sales, finance, human resources, engineering, supply chains and more to meet the demands of management, customers, investors and others.


Big Dog Networx works closely with enterprise clients to understand their technology strategy and business philosophy to design and implement a fully integrated solution that meets the clients needs and is scalable to meet the demands both today and in the future. Big Dog Networx can help.



Solutions in the healthcare industry are one of the most demanding because of the ever changing landscape brought on by mergers, healthcare administrators, government mandates and new technologies.


Big Dog Networx has the expertise you need. We have the skills in meeting both EMR and HIPPA compliant requirements. Big Dog Networx can assist in navigating the Rural Healthcare Program as well.  Big Dog Networx can help.



Wishing for a call center solution that provides your contact center managers with more control and deeper insight into your operations? 


Call centers, including those with agents working from home nationwide, have unique business requirements.  Big Dox Networx will work with you to establish a single, cloud-based call center that will help you streamline operations and maximize staffing all from a single customized dashboard.  Cloud based call centers deliver predictable monthly costs, low or no up-front investments, scalability and the ability to work anywhere nationwide.








Modern banking and financial institutions must meet the increasing needs of their clients and banking regulators. Latency in executing a client’s transaction can mean the difference between success and failure.

Clients demand real-time information at their fingertips 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Failure is not an option. Big Dog Networx has the skills to build a full redundant network and will work with you to plan a disaster recovery plan that meets both your needs and the needs of your clients.

Need more bandwidth? Budgets are cut once again? Big Dog Networx brings solutions to meet those challenges. We are experts at E-Rate.


Big Dog Networx will get the most competitive quotes for services from multiple service providers to assure you get a solution that fits your needs while coming in under budget. We also make sure that the solutions presented meet E-Rate eligibility. Big Dog Networx will only quote E-Rate approved service providers to assure you get the highest discounts possible. 



Big Dog Networx has years of experience in federal, state and local contract procurement of advanced data, voice, network and cloud services.   We pride ourselves on our track record in the government sector.


As a long trusted advisor to government agencies, Big Dog Networx assists state and local government in navigating the procurement and implementation process of voice and data services on ever shrinking budgets and lack of in-house resources.   

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